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A Trip Up North

A random weekend trip to Marquette, Michigan left me in a renewed state of awe at the power and beauty of mother nature. Between the waves crashing over the breakwater in the upper harbor, to the cliffs and shorelines of Presque Isle park, Marquette is an amazing place to visit, and the foods not bad either!

Our first stop takes us to Presque Isle park, located just north of the upper harbor. Here you can get a taste of life on the shores of Lake Superior as waves break over the wall. There was a strong wind coming off the lake, and the waves were plentiful.

Upper Harbor Break Wall

Here is another shot from the park showing its impressive shoreline and rock walls.

Presque Isle ShorelineAfter spending some time in the park, we headed down to the lower harbor to see what we could see. This impressive structure is a retired ore dock. Leave it to me to find anything and everything related to boats on the great lakes! Regardless of its use, it’s quite a site.

Marquette Lower Harbor Ore DockWe only spent one night in Marquette, but the city is home to enough interesting things that you could spend a week and still not take it all in. We will be going back, I have no doubt.

As I mentioned at the open of this blog, the food in Marquette is great. We had dinner at a bar/restaurant called The Portside Inn. Great food, friendly staff, and an all around good time. Aside from that, I will let their website do the talking.

In closing, I would like to point out that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an amazing place all together. The shoreline is probably one of the bigger draws, but you can find some equally impressive sights inland as well ranging from retired open-pit mines to waterfalls.  The image below is Agate Falls, which is just east of Bruce Crossing on M-28. Perhaps not the most impressive falls I’ve seen, but surely a great spot to take a break from the road and take in some of natures beauty.

Agate Falls



























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