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It’s amazing how fast time can fly when you stay busy. Between getting our first client, planting and tending to our first garden, traveling, and dodging the barrage of severe weather, we’ve had little time to give any updates. Now that I’ve got a few moments, I’ll see how much of our summer I can recall. In fact, I think I will start with June, and leave it at that.

June – The first weekend of June I found myself in Marinette, WI for a couple days. The weather was foggy and dreary for the most part, leaving me wondering if any of my shots would turn out. The better part of one day was spent watching it downpour from my grandparents front room. Once it cleared up a little, I spent some time at the Menominee North Pier Lighthouse as I usually do. Upon my arrival, I discovered the bay to be blanketed with a light fog. I figured I would take advantage of the situation, and try to get an artsy shot of the lighthouse. I tried several different angles, including one I hadn’t scoped out before. The result of my new spot is pictured below.

North Pier Light

At the end of June, I spent three days in Sault Ste. Marie, MI boat watching. If you’re confused by this statement, I’m not surprised. BoatNerds, as we are called, are a die-hard group of people with a love for great lakes shipping and its history. This is the second year I’ve been able to make the trip north for Engineers Day, and as always, it’s great fun. Every year those of us who can gather at Mission Point for a picnic on that Thursday. Food, drinks, and of course ships are always in abundance. We share stories and pictures and of course laughs. This year I decided to try to get the ultimate picture of every boat possible, and ended up missing almost all of the festivities. I’ve yet to master the whole “right place right time” thing. A bummer for sure, but there’s always next year. My favorite picture from the Soo is below, and isn’t even a laker. I was at Mission Point just after midnight waiting on the Roger Blough, and decided to shoot the moon over the St. Mary’s River. It turned out to be too dark to catch the Blough, but was surprised with what I found when I checked the river shots. The photo you see here has been textured to add an artsy feel to it.

Midnight at Mission Point

There were dozens of other things on the agenda for the month of June, but those were the big two. I will be collecting my thoughts on July, and will be posting again very soon! I’ve added a couple other shots below the text here, so enjoy and we’ll see you again soon!


The Saginaw at Mission Point.

The Mighty Mac

The towers of the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge are lost to the fog.


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